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It’s time to renew your CCIPA membership again which is OVERDUE



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Dear CCIPA members:

I can’t believe it is fall already! The temperature has turned into single digit this week, and the leaves are so pretty. I got
to spend some extra time on the golf course, taking advantage of the final days of warm weather!......

Editorial Message

Dear Members and Friends,

It is that time of the year again when we start to take our winter coats out of the closet! Some of us may enjoy the cold while others try to run away from it! Whether you love or hate the weather....



Rainbow International

Excess Underwriting Corporation



Exciting CCIPA Events:

We are delighted to announce the following exciting events:

Our annual general meeting will be held on Friday, June 23th, 2017

Our annual golf tournament will be held on July 10. Get your early Bird Special by 06/17/2017.

We also invite potential sponsor to join us as a sponsor for this event.Booking deadline: June 1, 2017






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